Battlefields are fields of play within Duels in the game. These battlefields are determined by the GM before any duel begins. In a duel with more than one battlefield, players typically will choose which battlefield to place themselves in before the duel begins. The following rules apply to battlefields:

1. Once a player enters a battlefield, they may not move from that battlefield during that Duel until all opponents in that battlefield are killed. If all opponents in a battlefield are Stunned, but not killed, players in that battlefield must wait until the next Duel round begins to switch battlefields, but those players may move their creatures into other battlefields in order to assist their allies and cast sorceries, enchantments, instants, and artifacts still.

2. Players can only enter a battlefield in the first vertical layer of battlefields.

3. Players can move horizontally between battlefields after each Duels.

4. Players may only move vertically to the next layer of battlefields when no opponents are left in the battlefield they occupy.

5. Players may only enter a battlefield that is occupied by one or more opponent.

6. A player may only play Creatures, Sorceries, Instants, regular Enchantments, and regular Artifacts in the battlefield they are in. Enchantment Auras and Artifact Equpiments may be attached to creatures up to two battlefields away.

7. Sorceries, Instants, Enchantments, Artifacts, and the abilities of Creatures, can affect targets up to two battlefields away.

8. Creatures can be moved from any battlefield to an adjecent battlefield in which an ally is located during their controller's main phase, providing they do not have Summoning Sickness. The creature enters each new battlefield with Summoning Sickness reinstated.