Combat in the MtGRPG is done through Magic Card Duels. The best way to explain the combat system is by breaking it down into steps.

The Combat Steps

1. Initiating Combat

Generally, when a character attempts to attack an enemy(excluding Surprise Attacks), the enemy has the option to defend themself or attempt to Escaping Combat. When a character decides to defend themselves, play moves into the first Duels round.

2. The Duel

When two or more characters enter combat, a Duel begins.

The GM will announce what Duel Formats of Duel will take place and the details of that format. The GM will then explain the layout of Battlefields for the Duel.

Next, the GM will announce where all NPCs are located.

Then, players will announce which Battlefield they will locate themselves in for combat. At this time, the duel will begin with players rolling an amount of 10-sided dice equal to either their speed or reflex (whichever they choose). The player with the highest amount of successes will go first, and play will continue in a clock-wise fashion from there, with players located in the circle according to the battlefields they will be dueling in.

A Duel is played out according to standard Magic: the Gathering duel rules with a few exceptions. The changes to the dueling rules can be found on the Duels page.

3. Damage

Whenever a character's life points in a duel reach 0, that character becomes Stunned. When a character is stunned, all spells they have casted dissapate and the character is vulnerable to damage. A character who is Stunned stays in the Stunned state until the current Duel is over, and may re-enter the next round of combat if their Vitality Points remain above 0 after taking Damage.

Any player who shared a Battlefield with the stunned character and, and is not Stunned themselves at the time that the opponent becomes Stunned may then take one Damage Round in order to inflict Damage on the Stunned opponent's Vitality Points. If two characters in the same Battlefield become Stunned in the same turn in a Duel, they are considered to have become Stunned at the same and neither may inflict damage on the other

The ways to inflict Damage can be found on the Damage page.

4. Initiating a New Combat Round

When only one group of allies remains in combat with no opponents to fight, the combat round is over. All cards are removed from all battlefields and returned to their owner's libraries. Any characters that remain alive may choose to enter into the new combat round, or attempt to Escaping Combat.

After all Damage has been resolved, and any escape attempts are made, combat returns to Step 2. The GM will announce if any NPCs have changed battlefields. This cycle continues until there are no opposing characters either living or still engaging in combat.