Knowledge points are used in order to purchase new spells (cards) to add to a player's library. These points are gained every time a player levels, and can be spent when the player levels up, at the beginning of a session, or any time that players can access a "spell store" within the game world.

Purchasing Spells (Cards)Edit

Spells can be purchased using knowledge points and are immediately added to the player's library for use.

Spell (Card) CostsEdit

The cost to purchase a spell card is determined by looking at the card's current community rating on The Gatherer Website . The community rating, multiplied by ten (rounded to the nearest whole number) equals the spell's knowledge point cost. The GM has final say on the cost of any card.

Players gain 40 knowlege points every time they level up and 60 points at first level.

Spell (Card) DiscountsEdit

Player's get a 20% discount off of cards that share their primary (race) color alignment, and a 10% discount off cards that share their secondary (class) color alignment. These discounts are stackable (so if, for example, your race and class were both red-aligned, you would get a 30% discount on red-aligned cards). A card is said to be alligned to a color if it costs at least one mana of that color to cast (some cards may have more than one color alignment). Artifact cards are not aligned to any color.

Selling SpellsEdit

Spell cards may be "sold" to redeem them for extra knowledge points at any time in which a player could purchase new spell cards.

Spell cards may be "sold" for 3/4 of their regular value.