A surprise attack may be made whenever there is a chance to catch an opponent off-guard in initiating combat. A surprise attack can be made by using either the Sneak or Charge skills.

To make a surprise attack, a player should announce their attempt to make a surprise attack and, given the situation the character is in, make either a sneak attack or a charge attack. The player would then make a Skill Check for the corresponding skill.

The player who is being attacked rolls a number of d10 equal to their reflex stat. If the amount of success rolled by the defending player is equal to or greater than the number of success rolled by the attacking player, then the character dodges the surprise attack. Typically, Combat would begin at this time.

If the attacking players rolls a greater number of successes than the defending player, then the surprise attack succeedes. The attacking player would get one Damage Round. after which, combat would typically begin.

If more than one player is participating in a surprise attack, each attacking player will roll for themselves. The defending player rolls reflex only once. Any player who beats the defending player in the roll is able to attack during the surprise Damage Round.