In the M:tGRPG, the Mana Pool exists outside of combat. All characters have a certain amount of mana of each color (Red, Blue, Green, White, Black, and Colorless) in their mana pool avaliable for use by them. This mana can be used for a variety of things, and once used, does not regenerate until the end of the gaming session (or after a considerable time of rest for a character at the GM's discretion). A character's starting mana pool amounts are derived during character creation and begin completely full. Extra mana is gained every time a character levels up according to the mana level-up table.

Mana Uses

1. Mana can be used in order to perform skills outside of combat.

2. Mana can be used as additional combat mana in combat.

Mana Addition

Mana is added to your Mana Pool with each level your character gains in accordance with this table.

Mana Generation

Typically, mana does not re-generate until the end of a gaming session, however there are a few ways a player can gain additional mana during a session.

1. Spell Sacrifice

A player may choose to sacrifice a spell from their library in order to gain mana. In this case, the player will gain mana equal to the color and amount of the mana cost to cast the spell. Colorless mana will be added into the mana pool as colorless mana.

When a spell is sacrificed, the spell's card is exiled from the players library for the rest of the gaming session. A spell that is exiled cannot be cast in or out of combat.

Ex. A player decides to sacrifice a "Befoul" spell with a mana cost of 2C2B. (2 colorless, and 2 black). The "Befoul" spell card is exiled from the players library for the remainder of the game session and 2 black mana and 2 colorless mana are added to the player's Mana Pool.

2. Meditation

If a character spends a considerable amounr of time in restful meditation, they can regenerate mana. A character will regenerate mana at a rate of 1 colorless mana per hour of meditation, or 1 colored mana per 2 hours of meditation. If a character has 7 days or more to spend meditating, the character is able to regenerate all of their Mana Pool.

Mana Conversion

Mana may be converted from one color to another, however this conversion uses up some mana. 2 mana of any color can be fused together to create 1 mana of any other color. This converted mana must be used up immediately and cannot be used to cast spells in combat. Additionally, 2 colorless mana can be used in place of any 1 colored mana outside of combat.