Vitality points are a character stat that refer to the amount of damage a character can take before feinting or dying.

Vitality StatusesEdit


When a character's vitality total is 1 or greater, that character is active. The character can function normally and is able to use skills, cast spells, and engage in combat.


When a character's vitality total is 0 or below, the character is incapacitated (or feinted). The character is unable to cast spells, use skills, or engage in combat until their vitality total has been brought above 0.


When a character's vitality total reaches -10, the character is dead. The character is unable to heal, or make any action at all and is permanently removed from the campaign. At the GM's discretion, a "dead" character an survive, but have some sort of handicap, originating from the damage done to them, that would weaken their character in the game.

Leveling Up VitalityEdit

Maximum vitality points usually start at 10, but some races or classes may grant a bonus to starting vitality. A character's maximum vitality points is raised with every level gained by an amount that is dependent on a character's race. With each level up, the player should refer to their races level up table in order to find the amount of vitality points gained.